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Specialists in sell-side M&A.

Proper planning and execution of the sale of your business is critical. It can mean the difference between successfully capitalizing on decades of effort and the unfortunate loss of years of accumulated wealth.

The Fortune Group’s professionals have completed the sale of hundreds of public and privately held businesses across a wide range of industries and under varied market conditions. We’ve seen time and again that the process is filled with unanticipated events that must be managed carefully. Our focused, middle-market experience maximizes your interests as the seller in a process that moves ahead quickly – and discreetly.

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Features of Our M&A Process

Buyer Sourcing

In almost all cases, the prospective buyer who sees the greatest strategic value will make the most attractive offer and provide the best future for your current employees. To attract these strategically oriented buyers and generate competition among them, our team will build an individualized marketing plan and process for your business. The process and plan are designed to achieve multiple premium-priced offers.

Certainty of Closing

We don’t want anything to get in the way of a successful, timely closing. Often, as closing nears, buyers tend to increase their scrutiny of the business’s financial performance, projections, customer concentration and more. The Fortune Group has a proven track record of managing both this conversation and due diligence to keep deals moving forward.


Confidentiality is a deliberate part of every step of our marketing process. We tailor the timing of our approaches and marketing materials in order to ensure that sensitive information is never placed in the wrong hands. In addition, everyone requesting confidential information is required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. Our approach avoids disruption to management and employees and helps our clients maintain positive relationships with their customers and suppliers.


We’ve made our careers selling businesses. Our experience enables us to help clients navigate deals with more continuity, strategic foresight and tactical acumen. We’re comfortable pushing buyers, but we also know when it’s time to compromise to keep a deal on track. The net result is a better sale price and a solid relationship between our client and the buyer, which is especially important during the transition period.

Management Retention

With many of the businesses we represent, the existing management team constitutes a substantial portion of the business’s total value in the eyes of a prospective buyer. To prevent the loss of an important team member in the middle of a sale process, which can create delays and possibly cause a deal to fall apart, we work closely and proactively with our clients to make appropriate arrangements early in the sale process. Throughout the planning and implementation of a sale, we also provide guidance and recommendations for handling relationships and communication issues with company management.

Minimized Disruptions

During the marketing process, it is essential that our clients’ businesses continue to achieve the aggressive strategic and financial goals set by management and communicated to potential buyers. Our collaborative role minimizes disruptions and burdens on the seller so they can continue to focus on running their business effectively.

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