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The capital requirements of mid-sized companies are fundamentally different from those of larger corporations. A single financing event can have a profound effect on
a middle market company’s growth and profitability.

The Fortune Group assists in determining the best form of acquisition financing, based on a thorough review of the business and financial characteristics of the company to be acquired. If the acquisition is in connection with a leveraged or management buyout, the firm advises on the mix of equity and debt that will best suit the company on a stand alone basis. If the acquired company will be consolidated into a larger company, The Fortune Group will advise on the form of financing that will provide the lowest overall cost of capital and optimum financial flexibility for the combined entity. Then, the firm sources the senior, subordinated and equity financing from institutional capital providers that will best fit the target capital structure.

The Fortune Group has expertise in funding corporate expansion through a wide range of financing alternatives. Working closely with management to fully understand its business plan, The Fortune Group will secure external capital needed to add to manufacturing or servicing capacity, enter new geographic markets, develop new products, build sales and marketing infrastructure or meet other corporate objectives.

Companies often make major changes to their capital structure to achieve shareholder liquidity, obtain additional growth capital or relieve debt servicing requirements. The Fortune Group plays a key role by advising on a new structure for the
balance sheet and then arranging the appropriate debt and equity financing.

Companies can often reduce their capital costs and improve financial flexibility by replacing existing debt with new
capital more appropriate for their financial situation. A refinancing program led by The Fortune Group will generally
lead to longer-term capital, lower cost financing and greater covenant flexibility.

The challenge in every transaction is to find financing that supports the company’s growth and other objectives, while providing an adequate level of flexibility. As a leader in structuring and arranging bank and institutional financing, The Fortune Group focuses on creating capital structures that meet the client’s objectives, and arranging debt and equity financing in a wide range of capital markets.

The firm works with client companies in a diverse range of industries. Well managed manufacturing, distribution
and service businesses are all candidates for private capital financing and, as a result, the firm does not limit its services to
a specific industry or sector. The Fortune Group’s principals have built an excellent reputation with capital providers as well as clients through their disciplined analytical approach, thorough knowledge of capital structures, and comprehensive financing presentations.

By maintaining a constant dialogue with major providers of capital to mid-sized firms (including domestic and foreign banks, commercial finance companies, insurance companies, mezzanine capital sources, and venture capital and private equity funds), The Fortune Group knows the market and the most competitive capital providers. The firm’s capital sourcing process emphasizes in-depth discussions with prospective financing sources, development of aggressive, competitive bidding and detailed negotiation of economic terms.