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The Fortune Group’s professionals have completed the sale of hundreds of public and privately-held businesses in a wide range of industries and under varied market
conditions. The firm recognizes that the selling process is filled with many unanticipated events that must be managed carefully. Its focused middle market experience maximizes the seller’s interests in a process that moves ahead quickly and discreetly

A successful sale or divestiture involves thoughtful planning and careful implementation. The firm’s senior professionals play an active role in each step of the selling process.

The Fortune Group begins by developing an in-depth understanding of the client’s decision to sell, the financial as well as non-financial objectives, and the owners’ desired time schedule.

The Fortune Group completes a thorough analysis and valuation of the client company. After taking into account industry considerations and current market conditions, a realistic and mutually agreeable price range is established before commencing an assignment.

Working closely with the client, the firm’s principals prepare a detailed, confidential memorandum that accurately describes the company, its strategies, its operating performance and the competitive structure of its industry. This presentation includes a complete review of the company’s financial history and highlights its future strategic opportunities and prospective earnings growth.

The development of a potential acquiror list is a two step process. First, The Fortune Group assesses the client’s line of business, size, geographic location, corporate culture and financial strength to develop a profile of the ideal acquiror. Then, the firm identifies a specific universe of potential buyers using its own proprietary database, selected public databases, trade associations and other research sources. The objective is to reach a broad cross section of potential buyers, while ensuring that the list includes only high quality prospects who have a serious interest and are capable of consummating a timely transaction.

Client confidentiality, timing and other requirements dictate whether a company should be sold through a controlled auction process or offered sequentially and selectively to a small number of high probability acquirors. The firm only disseminates confidential information to bona fide buyers approved by the client on an as-needed basis. In any case, The Fortune Group seeks to create active competition among a number of qualified buyers.

Once a proposal has been accepted, the firm manages the buyer’s due diligence evaluation process to minimize disruptions to the business. It then works closely with clients throughout the negotiation process as a financial advisor and acts as a buffer to facilitate a constructive working relationship between buyer and seller. The firm actively negotiates the financial and legal provisions of an offer to generate the best combination of price, terms and structure for the client. Finally, The Fortune Group principals work with the client’s other professional advisors to ensure that the business agreements among the parties are correctly understood and documented, and that the closing takes place in an efficient and timely manner.

A company generally has only one opportunity to sell its business to a potential buyer. The hands-on approach of The Fortune Group’s seasoned professionals brings experienced judgment and decision making to each stage of the transaction to ensure a sale process that moves ahead quickly and smoothly.