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Like their Fortune 500 counterparts, middle market companies can take a variety of paths to growth and diversification. Each client’s needs are unique and need to be fully analyzed and strategically evaluated in a customized and collaborative manner. The Fortune Group’s project teams work closely with management and shareholders to develop and execute the most appropriate financial strategies to achieve corporate objectives.

Analysis of strategic acquisition opportunities is one of the most complex and time consuming aspects of the corporate development process. Most small or middle market companies simply do not have sufficient internal resources to conduct a thorough and professional development effort. The Fortune Group is able to work with clients to refine strategic criteria and to develop a focused list of merger or acquisition candidates which fit these criteria then approach them on a confidential basis to determine their interest in the proposed strategic business combination. The proper orchestration of this initial approach is, in most cases, the most important factor in achieving a successful transaction. The Fortune Group’s experience and reputation in the mergers and acquisitions market greatly enhances the chance of a successful initial contact.

After having established the mutual interests of both parties, the project team’s senior professionals take a leading role in negotiating the transaction with a view to achieving the most favorable terms for the client while ensuring that the entire process proceeds smoothly and cooperatively.

The Fortune Group’s broad experience in handling the central issues of the business development process allows the firm to be efficient and professional in providing clients a specialized set of strategic and financial skills which can be very difficult to develop internally.

Since The Fortune Group’s principals include experienced industry executives, the firm has an ability— unique to middle market investment banking firms—to address a variety of business consulting issues. This can include strategic planning, sales planning, operational trouble shooting, cost control, and organization structure analysis.

Because of The Fortune Group’s experience and reputation in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, the firm is frequently called upon to render expert opinions with respect to the realistic valuations of middle market companies and the terms of
proposed transactions. Using market knowledge, current industry data and appropriate analytical techniques, the firm prepares valuations for use with acquisitions, divestitures, capital structure analysis, leveraged and management buyouts and expert witness testimony. The Fortune Group completes objective valuations which take into account all relevant information with respect to the transaction or business being evaluated. Since The Fortune Group’s recommendations are completely independent and unbiased, the firm can assist a client and its other advisors in preparing valuation reports and fairness opinions that will withstand scrutiny in the event of a subsequent legal challenge.

The Fortune Group assists clients in evaluating corporate finance alternatives as they make long range plans for shareholder liquidity or significant business expansion. The Fortune Group’s professionals also have considerable prior experience in public securities offerings, and can assist client companies in the selection and retention of managing underwriters for initial public offerings.